Bottled Water Brands


Bottled Water Brands with Distinctive Tastes and Heritage

Our company history starts in 1976, with one bottled water brand that launched a generation of bottled water drinkers, Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. As bottled water became the beverage of choice for active, health-minded individuals, we sought to bring together quality regional bottlers to meet that demand. Today, our bottled water brands and tea portfolio is more than 15 brands strong.


Sweet Leaf Tea Debuts Coffee-Tea Blend

Sweet Leaf Tea has launched an exciting and innovative new Coffee-Tea Blend that will be available in natural food and mainstream supermarkets. In keeping with the Sweet Leaf Tea brand, it is organic and refreshing, and will be available in Original Sweet and Vanilla flavors. The drink also has a unique energy profile that appeals to consumers who want more caffeine than tea, but not as much as coffee. Visit us on Facebook or at

Bottled water brand delivery

Nestlé Waters Direct makes it easy to keep a fresh supply of great-tasting water at home or at your business to enjoy at any time. We offer a wide range of quality beverage choices for bottled water delivery that include a range of package sizes plus other Nestlé products as well as our convenient 5-gallon cooler.