Bottled Water Quality Reports


Our goal is to be as transparent as our bottled water products

We strive to maintain the trust consumers have in our products by using the latest science and technology in our water quality control and safety processes, beginning with either spring water source selection or municipal sourcing through bottling. Throughout our production process and water quality analysis, approximately 2,000 water samples are tested each day, which, gallon for gallon, is more than 60 times more frequently than most municipal water suppliers. Our bottling plants undergo independent annual inspections and are also subject to both state and federal regulations.

We have identified both spring water sources and municipal source on our bottle labels and/or online for years and, since 2005, have made bottled water quality reports publicly available for all of our bottled water brands. These reports are comparable to those published by public water utilities and are based on independent testing results from certified laboratories.

Our bottled water quality report testing results are updated annually during the fourth quarter and posted online in December.

It’s easy to access our Bottled Water Quality Reports.