Healthy Hydration

Healthy hydration

Drinking Water For Health

In the past 40 years, calories per capita from beverages have doubled to 226 daily. Indeed, half the calories that Americans have added to their diets are coming from beverages. Today, Americans are facing an obesity epidemic that threatens to reduce life expectancy and increase healthcare costs.

Nestlé Waters North America is committed to raising awareness about healthy hydration and providing access to great tasting, high quality water through a wide variety of outlets. We often provide water at “high thirst” events from marathons and professional sporting events to local fairs, schools, and other community programs.

Healthy hydration


We’re working with partners like the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and support the My Plate Partnership, hosted by the USDA Center For Nutrition Policy Promotion to promote healthy hydration and ensure access to safe, high quality water as part of a balanced diet. Find out more about making healthier food and beverage choices for your family.


The purpose of the beverage pyramid is to help you understand just how many calories “hide” in beverages and to provide a guide to how many calories a day should come from beverages. Find out about the importance of drinking water and how much you need each day.

The Beverage Pyramid