Beverage Pyramid

Turn your beverage habit upside down.

The purpose of the beverage pyramid is to help you understand just how many calories “hide” in beverages and to provide a guide to how many calories a day should come from what you drink. The average person gets over 20% of their total caloric intake each day from beverages. Research suggests that this number should be closer to 10%. This means that no more than 200 -300 calories for adults consuming a diet of 2000 calories a day should come from beverages. It is therefore important to be able to identify and avoid high calorie beverage choices.

Beverage recommendations1 developed by a panel of national health experts.

1. Popkin BM, Armstrong LE, Bray GM, Caballert B, Frei B, and Willet WC. A New Proposed Guidance System for Beverage Consumption in the United States. Amerian Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2006; 83:529-542.

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