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Water Quality Reports

Testing Our Water Every Step of the Way

Both science and technology play crucial roles in our water quality control and safety processes. We take pride in our water quality, whether that means sourcing spring water for our spring water brands, or purifying water from either a well or municipal supply through our 12-step quality assurance process to produce our purified water brand. Samples go through water testing many times throughout our production process and water quality analysis. We meet or exceed water testing requirements for municipal water on a gallon per gallon basis. Our bottling plants undergo independent annual inspections and are also subject to both state and federal regulations.

We aim to be as Transparent as Our Bottled Water

We have identified our water sources on our bottled water labels and/or online for years. We’ve also made bottled water quality reports publicly available for all of our bottled water brands since 2005. These reports are comparable to those published by public water utilities and are based on independent testing results from certified laboratories.

Recording Water Quality Year to Year

The results of our bottled water quality reports are updated annually, following the EPA water quality standards for community water system reporting. The reports are available on our websites and can also be obtained by calling the 800 number listed on each of our bottled water labels.

Read Our Bottled Water Quality Reports

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Acqua Panna bottled water quality report Acqua Panna Water Quality Report
Arrowhead bottled water quality report Arrowhead Water Quality Report
Calistoga logo
Calistoga Water Quality Report
Deer Park bottled water quality report Deer Park Water Quality Report
Ice Mountain bottled water quality report Ice Mountain Water Quality Report
Nestlé Pure Life Water Quality Report 
Ozarka bottled water quality report Ozarka Water Quality Report
Perrier bottled water quality report Perrier Water Quality Report
Poland Spring bottled water quality report Poland Spring Water Quality Report
Poland Spring bottled water quality report Poland Spring Origin Water Quality Report
S. Pellegrino bottled water quality report S. Pellegrino Water Quality Report
Zephyrhills bottled water quality report Zephyrhills Water Quality Report