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Social & Economic Development

We are proud to operate in the communities across the country where we are located. We make long-term investments to contribute to the well-being of these communities and are honored to provide jobs, support local businesses and boost the overall economy on both local and state levels.

For example, the impact of our operations in Michigan supports a total of 765 jobs and generates $161 million in economic output for the state. Similarly, in 2016, we provided over $136 million in sales for 261 Maine-based vendors located in 83 cities and towns all across the state, and paid $7.7 million in state and local sales, income, property and other taxes.

Across the U.S., we’ve also developed partnerships to help communities thrive. For example, we have worked with the Student Conservation Association to provide high school students in 18 cities with:

  • Environmental education opportunities
  • Hands-on community and conservation service opportunities
  • Summer employment
  • Job readiness and leadership training
Tyler graduated at the top of his class from Hawkins High School in 2017. He is currently at East Texas Baptist University studying medicine

In 2002, Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water began to distribute funds through the Every Drop Counts $10,000 Statewide Earth Science Scholarship Program to support students pursuing degrees and careers in earth science. In addition to two statewide awards, we provide two $2,500 scholarships to high school students every year. To date, we’ve donated more than $300,000 toward the Every Drop Counts scholarship.