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Positive Economic Impact For Michigan

We are proud of our contributions to the Michigan economy, including the jobs we create and support throughout the state. Since 2002, we have made capital investments totaling more than $267 million and contributed $427 million to Michigan’s economy. 

According to an Economic Impact Study we conducted in 2017, Ice Mountain is one of the largest employers in the area with approximately 280 employees – about 150 of whom reside in Mecosta and Osceola counties. 

With an annual payroll of nearly $16 million, our economic activity generates about $5 million each year to support state and local taxes that, in turn, fund local schools, fire and police departments. We also purchase $51 million in goods and services each year from Michigan vendors to support our business operations.

Our presence results in a total of 765 jobs created statewide and more than $160 million in economic activity, putting more money in the pockets of Michigan residents and small businesses.