Healthy Habits for Kids

Healthy Choices

We want to help children lead healthier lives. That is why we support programs focused on physical activity and healthy lifestyles among school-age children. Through education, fitness challenges, donations, and volunteer support, our alliances with organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs of America help inspire youth to achieve short-term fitness goals and prepare them for active futures.

We also partner with the Allentown Health Bureau to ensure that kids in Allentown, Pennsylvania are on the move – fueled by fruits, veggies and water. A healthy alternative to the neighborhood ice cream truck, Allentown Health Bureau’s Fruits and Veggies on the Move Truck delivers free produce and Nestlé water to about 2,000 local children in urban neighborhoods. The children see the snacks and water as a treat during a long day of playing in the hot summer sun, but the impact goes beyond that. According to the Allentown Health Bureau, 40 percent of students in the school district are considered obese, exceeding the national average of one obese child out of every three. The American Journal of Public Health also estimates that 54% of kids are mildly dehydrated.


Water Education

We are dedicated to helping our future generations of water users learn about the importance of water and how to conserve and care for it. Our commitment to helping children learn about water is exemplified in our long-term partnership with Project Water Education for Teachers (Project WET), which helps teach 250,000 children across the country about water-related issues.

A few of our other initiatives include:

Brookie Buddies

This unique curriculum teaches students about their local watershed ecosystem and how water quality affects Maine’s aquatic life. Between January and May, the students raise brook trout from the egg stage to fingerlings in large aquariums, and then release the fish into a local, state-approved body of water. Students learn traditional lessons about ecosystems, the life cycle of water, fish habitats and anatomy and biomonitoring, and they also gain insight into how individuals can impact the environment and the importance of environmental conservation and caretaking. The curriculum is geared to students in grades 4, 5 and 6. Poland Spring provides all equipment and materials, as well as significant staff time to the project.

Trout in the Classroom

Pennsylvania Trout In the Classroom (TIC) is an interdisciplinary program in which students learn about coldwater conservation while raising brook trout from eggs to fingerlings in a classroom aquarium. TIC has applications in environment and ecology, science, mathematics, social studies, language and fine arts, and physical education. Deer Park serves as a program sponsor for TIC at Northwestern Lehigh Middle School, and provides assistance with brook trout egg delivery, helping students and their teachers monitor and record water quality and trout behavior in a classroom aquarium. Deer Park also hosts a Release Day for the students with hands-on water education activities and a discussion about macroinvertebrates found in the stream. Students release their fingerlings into Ontelaunee Creek – a state approved waterway – to celebrate the culmination of this months-long program.