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Putting the Pennsylvania Community First

Across Pennsylvania, our people care about the environment and wellbeing of their local communities. They live, work and raise their families in the same communities where we operate and, for that reason, they are passionate about protecting their neighbors and the natural resources of the area.

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Community First

As a leading bottled water company, we work hard to be a good neighbor, which to us means putting community first. We are committed to understanding the needs of the communities in which we operate.  In Pennsylvania we support various events and initiatives that our neighbors care about with water and product donations, educational initiatives, and direct monetary donations in Pennsylvania. Our employees don’t just work with the local community – they are the local community.

Here are just few of the ways we contribute to local communities across Pennsylvania:

  • Providing an emergency backup water supply for our South Coventry Township community during maintenance activities on their public water system;
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  • Working with the Lynn Township community to enhance local water resources and their surrounding natural spaces, such as helping fund projects at Leaser Lake and providing funding to revitalize Ontelaunee Park and showcase its natural spring;
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  • Serving as a program sponsor for Pennsylvania Trout In the Classroom (TIC), an interdisciplinary program in which students learn about coldwater conservation.