Nestlé Waters North America Statement Regarding Seven Springs Permit Renewal For Water Use at Ginnie Springs, Florida

To Press Releases listAug 6, 2019

Nestlé Waters North America does not hold a permit for water use at Ginnie Springs. Seven Springs Water Company, a locally based, female-owned company, holds the Water Use Permit issued by the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD), and has held the permit for 20 years. Seven Springs has sustainably supplied spring water to all the previous bottled water and beverage companies that operated the High Springs factory before Nestlé Waters purchased it from Ice River in January 2019. Seven Springs has requested a 5-year renewal of their existing 20-year permit for the same allotment of water allowed by their existing permit. As the permit holder, Seven Springs answers to local and state authorities, the same authorities that all other water use permit holders are governed by. 

Similar to the previous bottled water and beverage companies that operated the High Springs factory in the past, Nestlé Waters North America now purchases water from Seven Springs and also pays for the cost associated with bottling infrastructure, maintaining a quality product, and delivery of water. 

Spring water is a rapidly renewable resource when managed correctly. Nestlé Waters North America is committed to the highest level of sustainable spring water management at all of the springs we manage. We have a robust process in place to manage for long-term sustainability, from our careful selection of spring sources, to regular monitoring and data analysis. We employ a team of natural resource managers, including trained geologists, hydrogeologists, and engineers whose focus is to help ensure the sustainability of the water sources. We just began working with Seven Springs about six months ago and are collaborating with them to take a similar approach at Ginnie Springs. We have already installed additional monitoring points to increase knowledge about the watershed and plan to continue these efforts moving forward.

Our communities come first, and we strive to operate in ways that benefit both the community and the company. For example, we partnered with the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) last year to create a conservation easement at Cypress Spring in Washington County. This 309-acre conservation easement enables the NWFWMD to create and maintain a public park at the spring. Through our partnerships with the WaterVentures mobile science lab and the Crystal Springs Foundation established in 2013, we have educated more than two million students throughout the state about being good stewards of the state’s water resources and protecting Florida's springs. And starting in 2008, we supported efforts to protect the Crystal Springs Preserve from a proposed landfill facility that many believed would have negatively impacted the preserve, spring and Hillsborough River. 

As of last year, Nestlé Waters employs more than 800 people in the State of Florida, spending more than $58 million annually on payroll, providing full benefits to its employees. We have worked to be a good neighbor in Florida for decades. Our commitment goes beyond just caring about the water. We value our relationships with Florida residents and community leaders, and always strive to create shared value within the communities where we operate. High Springs is our newest home, and we look forward to supporting the community for many years to come.