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Does bottled water taste better than tap water?

People drink bottled water for various reasons. In fact, research studies show that two-thirds of bottled water drinkers also drink tap water, depending on their preference, access, location and other factors at any given time. In terms of quality, Nestlé Waters North America spring water brands come from spring sources and underground aquifers more isolated from potential contaminants, rather than the surface lakes, streams and reservoirs that supply most tap water. And when NWNA uses public water for its purified bottled water, the company applies additional specialized filtration steps that most public systems cannot afford nor practically apply, and extracts elements that even at-home filters cannot remove. As a result, what gets sealed in the bottle is not tap water, but purified drinking water.

Nestlé Waters North America customers expect high-quality products. NWNA tests more than 200 times per bottling line every day to ensure its product meets FDA standards as well as internal quality standards. NWNA takes a multiple barrier approach to quality for all its bottled water products. This includes micron-filtration, ultra-violet light, ozonation and a frequent testing protocol. The bottles are filled under sanitary conditions and the bottle itself is the final step of quality assurance until someone opens the cap to drink. Most public water is safe to drink. Municipal water must travel through pipes and the condition of those pipes can add variability. Regardless, when tap water is not preferred or unavailable, people should have the choice of bottled water


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