Ice Mountain® Brand Natural Spring Water



Ice Mountain® Brand Natural Spring Water's history can be traced back thousands of years to the last ice age when glaciers covered much of the northern United States. As melting ice from these glaciers formed streams and rivers along the edge of the glaciers, thick sequences of sand and gravels were deposited. These sand and gravel deposits created aquifers that contain large volumes of groundwater that is replenished by rain and snow. In some places, groundwater from these aquifers flows out to create a natural spring. Today, a few of those springs have been chosen as our sources. 

If you like taking the refreshment with you no matter where life takes you, then you'll appreciate the many sizes in which Ice Mountain® Brand Natural Spring Water is available. From our half-pint (8 oz.) and popular 700ml Easy Grip bottles to our convenient five-gallon bottles and dispensers for your kitchen or office, it's as easy as it is convenient to quench any-size thirst with Ice Mountain® Brand products. Sparkling Spring Water available in the following flavors: original, lemon, lime, mandarin orange,and mixed berry flavors.