Caring for Water

At Nestlé Waters North America, it is our business and our passion to care for water, and we take it seriously. We recognize the significant responsibility we have as a bottled water company in California to operate sustainably both where we source water and where we bottle it.

When we build a factory, we invest between $50 - $100 million in that facility, and maintaining sustainable water practices is critical to our success. It would make absolutely no sense to invest millions of dollars into our local operations just to deplete the natural resources on which our business relies. It would not only undermine the success of our business, but go against every value we hold as people and as a company.

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Operating Responsibly and Sustainably

scientist conducting environmental monitoring of springs in strawberry canyon

Our Arrowhead® Brand Mountain Spring Water has been responsibly sourced from the springs in Strawberry Canyon, in what is now the San Bernardino National Forest, for more than 122 years. Our ability to supply this spring water to our consumers for more than a century is a testament to just how committed we are to long-term sustainability.

Our dedicated team of engineers, hydrologists, biologists and geologists consistently monitor and care for the springs and local environment. They help ensure that we never collect more water than what is naturally available; which means, if the environment yields less, we collect less.

Our responsible water management does not just pertain to how we source water. We are also always working to improve our water usage across our five factories in California.

This includes implementing technologies in California facilities to recycle water for cooling and cleaning, as well as undertaking other water efficiency initiatives. Combined, these projects saved more than 54 million gallons of water between 2016 and 2017 across our five California factories.

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Additionally, in 2017, Nestlé Waters' Ontario facility became the first in North America to be certified according to the rigorous Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard, a global benchmark created by environmental groups such as The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund for measuring responsible water stewardship across social, environmental and economic criteria. Today, all five of our California bottled water factories have been AWS-certified, with our Cabazon factory becoming the first Gold-certified facility in North America.