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Positive Economic Impact for Florida

We value our relationships with Florida residents and community leaders, and strive to create shared value within the communities where we operate. We provide good-paying jobs with benefits, pay taxes to city, county and state governments, and routinely give back to the community through volunteer hours and donations of money and water to first responders and many other organizations. 


We employ more than 800 people in the state of Florida. We have three water bottling factories in Zephyrhills, Madison and High Springs. At High Springs, which we purchased at the end of December 2018, we are investing more than $40 million in capital improvements, and anticipate increasing the number of employees there by more than 60 percent by the end of 2020.

We also purchase products and services from local suppliers in our day-to-day operations, wherever possible. Our High Springs factory renovation is being done by more than 100 engineers, electricians, plumbers, construction workers and other skilled craftsmen who work for Florida-based businesses.