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Positive Economic Impact for Maine

Investing in Maine 

As one of the largest employers in Maine, our operations give back to the state we call home. Our total economic impact on the state in 2016 amounted to more than $390 million in sales for Maine companies and generated more than $21 million in tax and fee revenue for state and local governments.

Creating Jobs


As the state’s fifth largest employer, we proudly employ nearly 900 Mainers across three bottling facilities – Poland, Hollis and Kingfield – plus our Maine-based home and office delivery team.

According to a recent Economic Impact Study for Maine, Poland Spring directly provides 860 good-paying jobs with benefits to Mainers who live in more than 100 cities and towns in the state. We paid more than $49 million in annual salaries and benefits in 2016, and have grown to become one of Maine’s most significant, renewable, natural resource-based companies; comparable to the State’s iconic forest products, agriculture, and fishing industries.

Part of our core mission is to take care of our Poland Spring family, and we are proud to be a steady, reliable employer. Today, we have employees that represent second and third generation water bottling families still working for Poland Spring

  • In Androscoggin County, Poland Spring is the 12th largest employer and 3rd largest manufacturer – home to the Poland bottling plant.
  • In Franklin County, Poland Spring is the 20th largest employer and 4th largest manufacturer – home to the Kingfield bottling plant.
  • In York County, Poland Spring is the 9th largest employer and 2nd largest manufacturer – home to the Hollis bottling plant.

Expanding Our Commitment to Maine

Since 1845, Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water has been bottled and enjoyed by consumers across Maine and throughout the Northeast. Today, we are proud to turn a Maine renewable, natural resource from nine spring water sources to support three bottling facilities in the state of Maine. Poland Spring is proud to be the #1-selling spring water brand in the country, focusing on consumers in the Northeast.

As consumer demand continues to grow, we are actively exploring our options to sustainably meet demand through expansion and increased investment in Maine. That expansion includes identifying additional spring sources and at least one future bottling facility in Maine.

Additional Spring Water Sources

Our hydrogeologists, natural resource managers, civil and environmental engineers, and logistics experts continuously explore spring water sources in the state, though few springs have all the characteristics to be considered by Poland Spring. The team considers many factors in this effort – with water quality and quantity as our highest priorities.


As with all of our water sources, we only choose those that can meet Poland Spring’s high quality standards and Maine’s exacting groundwater regulations. Thorough evaluation of a potential spring source, which can take up to a year or more, occurs only with permission from the landowner.

Working closely with town officials and residents, once we identify a spring source, we will initiate a process to study the spring, and, if it meets our quality standards, obtain the necessary local and regulatory approvals. We will also collect input from community residents about ways that Poland Spring could help the community.

We believe in an open, transparent process and in supporting communities where we operate. We look forward to investing in jobs and the local economy, and to building new relationships to benefit residents of new communities.

Poland Spring Water Station in Lincoln, Maine

In the summer of 2018, Poland Spring officially opened its Lincoln Load Station, filling its first tanker at the new facility in early July. The Lincoln Load Station collects water drawn from the Bella Luna spring, which became an official spring source for Poland Spring after we reached a contract with the Lincoln Water District. The water we pump into our trucks at the load station is then transported to our bottling plants in Poland, Hollis and Kingfield.

We believe in an open, transparent process and in supporting communities where we operate. We look forward to investing in jobs and the local economy, and to building new relationships to benefit residents of new communities.

Poland Spring Water Station in Rumford, Maine

Poland Spring plans to be a valued member of the Rumford community, and we are deeply committed to making a positive impact here. As a customer of the Rumford Water District, Poland Spring will be purchasing water and leasing land from the District, investing in infrastructure in the Town to improve how the District operates, and protecting local water resources. We will also pay the Town to cover the property-related costs of our infrastructure on the land owned by the Rumford Water District. Last, but not least, Poland Spring has made an investment over the next three years to identify additional spring sources in and around Rumford, and a load out station will be fully operational in the community in 2019.

By investing in Rumford, we hope residents will see many benefits, such as an increase in the tax base, partnerships with schools and community organizations and improved watershed protection.