Caring for the People of Flint

The 120 Mile Drive to Flint



We are deeply committed to creating access to safe, clean drinking water for all Americans and are privileged to play a role in relief support when and where it is needed most. While we have never withdrawn water from any location in or near Flint (the water we source is from a different watershed more than 120 miles away), as part of the greater Michigan community we share concerns about the health and safety of Flint residents and are committed to being part of the solution.  

We've been providing water and other support to Flint since the beginning of the crisis.


Starting in October 2015, our Ice Mountain team began shipping water donations to help the residents of Flint. In January 2016, we partnered with a coalition that included Walmart and others to provide up to 6.5 million bottles of water for Flint public schools – 1.5 million of which will be donated by Nestlé Waters.

At the beginning of 2018, as a continuation of the efforts to help meet the evolving needs of the community, Nestlé Waters again partnered with a coalition of business partners to provide additional product and financial support to impacted schools to help them through the remainder of the school year. These resources will be used by the schools, as needed, to purchase bottled water, and other products and services – including water testing and water filters – to help ensure their students continue to have access to safe, clean drinking water.

Starting in early May 2018, Nestle Waters began donating regular truckloads of bottled water to the three East Michigan Food Bank Help Centers, located at the Greater Holy Temple, Bethel United Methodist Church and Asbury United Methodist Church. These donations, which will continue through April 2019, will total approximately 3.2 million bottles of water for the City of Flint.