Positive Economic Impact For Michigan

Nestlé Waters North America is proud to provide well-paying jobs to Michigan residents, support local businesses and boost the overall economy in Michigan.

What's more, the vast majority of our employees live in the community, and the money they earn goes right back into the local economy. Our workforce includes a wide range of skill sets, such as equipment technicians, finance, administrative, logistics and human resources professionals, as well as hydrogeologists, truck drivers, office staff and more.

Since our operations in Michigan began, we have made capital investments in computer and office infrastructure, factory infrastructure, water infrastructure, wells and water delivery, tanker load facilities and more; totaling approximately $267 million. This investment has supported the state and local tax base for over 15 years.

MI Economic Impact

For more information, view the full infographic and click here to see the study. To access the press release visit: Nestlé Waters North America Releases Economic Impact Study for Michigan.

Meeting the Demand for Healthy Beverages

Ice Moutain bottle in the kitchen  

As more and more Americans replace soda, juice drinks and other sugar-laden beverages with water, we at Nestlé Waters are proud of our products that are helping cut billions of calories from the American diet. As we partner to help millions of Americans establish healthy habits, we are hoping to expand our work in the Great Lakes State. Our sustainable growth will continue to support the Michigan community and economy.

Currently, we have a permit before the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to draw more water from our White Pine Springs well. We did our homework, and we're confident that any increased water withdrawal will be sustainable, enabling us to meet the needs of consumers.