Nestlé Waters is Committed to Pennsylvania

We first became part of the Keystone community more than 20 years ago and today, we employ approximately 600 Pennsylvanians between our two bottling facilities in Lehigh County. Nestlé Waters North America has a long history in Pennsylvania, of which we are very proud.

Water is our business, but also our passion. We are committed to providing safe, clean drinking water for communities across North America, caring for water sources we rely on, as well as the land around them.

Over the past two decades, we have developed, managed and protected seven spring sites in Pennsylvania to bring high quality Deer Park® 100% Natural Spring Water to grocery shelves throughout the mid-Atlantic.

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We share information about how we work, where we operate and what we offer to the Pennsylvania community in a transparent manner. 

We are actively looking for a location to build our third factory in the Mid-Atlantic region. We anticipate that the new, $50 million bottling factory would create an estimated 50 manufacturing jobs and approximately 80 other jobs. Earlier this year, we identified Northern Centre County as a potential location for this factory, and conducted a comprehensive study that outlines the economic benefits of the proposed bottling facility in the region. We are available in our Centre County office on a regular basis, and we hope that residents who know about potential spring sites we should consider will reach out to us. We look forward to continuing to expand our commitment to the Pennsylvania community for years to come.

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