Nestlé® Pure Life® Makes Drinking Water Fun

Encouraging Water as Healthy Hydration for Kids 

Although water is essential for life, according to a recent study, a little more than half of all children and adolescents aren’t getting enough hydration. Check this chart for a quick reference on how much water you and your children should be drinking. 

In a 2015 survey conducted by Nestlé® Pure Life®, drinking water is one of the biggest “healthy habit” struggles moms have with their kids (38%), even more than struggles like “Eat your fruit” (29%), “Get enough exercise” (23%), and “Eat your breakfast” (19%). Yet kids who drink four or more glasses of water per day are more likely to frequently exhibit healthy habits, such as getting their own water when thirsty, eating their fruits and vegetables at meal times without reminders and requesting healthy options for school lunches.

With kid-friendly “Share-A-Smile” 8-ounce bottle designs and the Halloween-themed “Share-A-Scare” collection, Nestlé® Pure Life® is encouraging kids and families to reach for water first!  

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