Water vs. Sugary Drinks

How Does Your Drink Stack Up?

Everyone, from children to adults, requires adequate hydration to help the body function properly each and every day. Drinking water is a good way to stay hydrated without consuming extra calories or added sugar. Drinks with added sugar can be a treat, but can also contain as many as 140 calories in a typical 12 oz. serving. Those beverage calories can quickly add up, especially given the statistics on consumption habits. Consider in 2013, 27% of teens drank one or more soda per day, 19% drank two or more, and 11% drank three or more.1

It's no wonder that calories in beverages make up 20% of the total caloric intake in the typical American diet, but it doesn't have to be this way. Replacing one sugary beverage each day with water can trim more than 50,000 calories annually from a diet.2 Want to know how your beverage choices stack up? Check out the chart below.

 Water  Soda
 12 oz.  12 oz.
 Sugar: 0 teaspoons  Sugar: 12 teaspoons

Watch how quickly calories can add up when picking a sugary beverage over water.

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1 Kann, L. et al. (2013). Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance — United States. CDC.
2 Based on replacing one (1) 12oz. 140-calorie sugared beverage daily with water for a year.