Promoting Healthy Hydration and the Good Life

When you open the cap on one of our sealed bottles of water, you’re making a conscious choice for a quality-controlled, calorie-free refreshment that uses less energy, packaging and water to produce than any other packaged beverage. As the leading nutrition, health and wellness company, Nestlé seeks to enhance lives with science-based nutrition and health solutions for all stages of life, helping consumers make positive choices as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Click here to learn how Nestlé lives the slogan “GOOD FOOD, GOOD LIFE” and helps consumers make positive choices as part of a healthy, active lifestyle around the world.

Nestlé Waters North America is one of several Nestlé operating divisions in the U.S., each of which demonstrates Nestlé’s spirit of dedication to health and wellness through its well-known brands. Please visit the “Nestlé in the U.S. Creating Shared Value” website for more information about these brands and company accomplishments: http://www.nestleusa.com/csv. 

Learn How We're Helping to Make a Difference:

• Providing a Reliable Source of Water
• Quality, Regulations and Reporting
• Production: A Light Environmental Footprint 
• Packaging Innovation
• Recycling
• Managing Our Water Use for Efficiency and Sustainability

Read the 2015 Nestlé Waters North America Corporate Citizenship Report