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Apr 18, 2013

Come Inside Perrier's Secret Place

Come Inside Perrier's Secret Place | Nestlé Waters North America

In Celebration of its 150th anniversary, Perrier launched a ground-breaking new campaign and cutting-edge digital experience. Building on the success of Le Club Perrier, the brand has taken consumer engagement one step further with Perrier Secret Place.

The digital interactive feature film, Perrier’s most innovative campaign to date, allows users to experience an exclusive party through the eyes of 60 different characters who live out their ultimate fantasies. 

“Although gamification is nothing new, Perrier's Secret Place ( is unique,” stated a article. “The people are fascinating to watch, and it's fun to become a roller girl gliding about a party, while sitting in the confines of your desk.”

Media coverage:

Be sure to visit Perrier’s YouTube page for additional peaks inside Perrier’s Secret Place.

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