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Jun 09, 2013

Electrolytenment starts here - resource brand launches with a star-studded event

Introducing resource Spring Water | Nestlé Waters North America
On Wednesday, June 5th, Nestlé Waters North America and the star of ABC’s newest hit show “Mistresses”, Alyssa Milano, introduced the US to its newest, naturally sourced, spring water brand, resource®. A packed crowd of consumers, media and other special guests, including celebrities Stacy Keibler, Bridget Moynahan, and resource brand advocates Bobbie Thomas, (fashion and beauty expert), Aida Mollenkamp (food lover, writer and host on The Cooking Channel), and Brett Hoebel (International fitness expert) attended the New York City launch party. Celebrities walked the “blue carpet”, posing for attending media, while consumers engaged with the Fountain of Electrolytenment, donated accessories to the brand’s charity partner Dress for Success, and enjoyed a one-of-a-kind spectacular featuring breathtaking aerial choreography and acrobatic dance. This was more than a launch event; it was an “Evening of Electrolytenment.”

Coverage from top media outlets, such as The New York Times, ABC ‘s “The Chew," and many other online outlets, in addition to social media activity from our consumers and celeb attendees, have helped create brand awareness over the past week. To continue the national online buzz, the event performance has been transformed into a video highlighting the aerialist performance that brings the resource brand and “Electrolytenment” story to life. This video launches today on YouTube leveraging the power of social media to make resource a sought-after brand across the country.

View the spectacular performance that transcends traditional marketing and embodies the holistic experience of resource 100% Natural Spring Water. Help us spread the word about this incredible performance at the center of this remarkable event. With every view we can help resource become the nation’s preferred premium bottled water brand!

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