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Nov 02, 2012

Information on Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

Nestlé Waters North America Sends 5.4 Million Bottles of Water for Hurricane Sandy Victims
In addition, company donates 775,000 Bottles including NYC Marathon Water

More than five million bottles of water scheduled for delivery this weekend and into this week will reach communities in New York and New Jersey hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. Approximately 100 trucks will be converging on the region from Nestlé Waters plants in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas and Maine, where employees are working tirelessly to meet the acute needs of storm victims. Because bottled water is a critical second source of safe water, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the New York Office of Emergency Management made the request for bottled water to meet immediate need in the region.

The company also donated 200,000 bottles of Poland Spring® water that had been designated for the NYC Marathon. When that event was cancelled, it was decided to turn over all bottled water donated to relief agencies. This brings total bottled water donations by NWNA to more than 775,000 bottles, most of which have by distributed through disaster relief partners AmeriCares and The American Red Cross.

For example, the Red Cross is using bottles of  Nestlé® Pure Life® purified water was sent to its Somerset, New Jersey warehouse to provide assistance to people in shelters and communities in that region facing disruptions in municipal water supplies. AmeriCares has received donations of Deer Park® water to be distributed to The Salvation Army for Nassau County on Long Island, and Nestlé Pure Life to help residents of New York City housing projects.

“The bottled water industry plays a critical role at times like this to provide large quantities of clean, safe water that can be transported and stored safely,” says Heidi Paul, vice president corporate affairs for Nestlé Waters North America. “We are proud of the efforts and commitment of our employees across the country who work around the clock to get water to people in need.”

The 5.4 million additional bottles requested by FEMA will be arriving between Sunday and Tuesday, and will be staged from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, as well as from Lakehurst, New Jersey.

People who would like to learn how they can support relief efforts should visit: or


Nov 01, 2012

Nestlé Waters North America has donated half a million bottles of water to communities whose public supplies have been disrupted by Hurricane Sandy and are in need of bottled water as a critical second source of drinking water.  This is being coordinated through the company’s emergency relief partners, AmeriCares and the American Red Cross, serving communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont.  

So far this week, 12 truckloads of Nestlé® Pure Life® purified water and Deer Park® spring water have been delivered to Red Cross warehouses in Middletown and Somerset, NJ for immediate distribution to Jersey Shore towns most in need of clean drinking water. Through AmeriCares, Nestlé® Pure Life® purified water and Deer Park® spring water have been distributed to The Salvation Army for Nassau County, the Food Bank for New York City, and Vermont Food Banks to help residents affected by the storm.

In Somerset New Jersey late Thursday, an American Red Cross volunteer unloads Nestlé Pure Life water headed for shelters and other emergency needs. Nestlé Waters North America has already donated more than half a million bottles of water to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. (Photos by Matthew Hamm)

The bottled water is coming from a production facility in Allentown, PA, where employees are meeting ongoing needs.

Communities in vital need of bottled water should contact local emergency management providers or relief organizations.

To support relief efforts, please visit or

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