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Sep 30, 2012

Nestlé Waters Volunteers Make a National Impact

Answering the company-wide call to volunteer during the month of September, employees from Nestlé Waters’ facilities across the country seized upon the chance to help out others nationwide.  From Connecticut to California, employees gave more than 700 hours of time to help in their local communities.

“Giving back is part of our culture,” explains Project Manager Delphine Fairley, who organized the first Volunteer Month at Nestle Waters North America (NWNA). “ “Since we launched Water Works, our volunteer program, last year, employees have shown how eager they are to reach out to those in need in our communities, with a special focus on the environment, water education and health.”

One of the main projects was a partnership with the Points of Light foundation, which involved constructing recycling bins and assembling gardening kits. Once completed these items were donated to local schools, senior centers and other community organizations.

Working with NWNA’s long time partner Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), employees from in Tennessee and Pennsylvania volunteered organized and staffed local Project WET water festivals. More than 1400 students from the local communities attended these festivals, where they learned about their local watersheds, and how their actions impact their community’s water.

National Volunteer Month is just one of the activities that NWNA volunteers participate in. Throughout the year, employees can search the NWNA volunteer website to find activities in their local communities that fit their interests and their schedules. Friends and families are welcome to take part in most events too.

“Our volunteer program is still young, but employees have shown incredible interest and enthusiasm,” Ms. Fairley added. “We encourage people to share ideas for events, or to invite their colleagues to support their favorite cause. Our goal is to ensure our employees have a voice and an opportunity in helping to make their communities stronger.”

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