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Mar 27, 2017

Nestlé Waters CSO Talks About Company’s Sustainability

CSO Talks About Company’s Sustainability | Nestlé Waters North America

On March 22, Chief Sustainability Officer Nelson Switzer appeared on The Wall Street Journal Live’s “Lunch Break,” CNN International and Reuters Facebook Live to honor World Water Day and share details on NWNA’s commitment to sustainable operations and water stewardship.

During the three segments, Nelson discussed the company’s focus on protecting our natural resources, as well as the importance of clean water access. He also discussed key partnerships including our work with Imagine H2O and Keep America Beautiful. Watch Nelson’s interviews below.

In addition these interviews, Nelson was featured in The San Bernadino Sun as a guest columnist, focused on Nestlé Water’s commitment to water stewardship and addresses several questions that have been raised about our Arrowhead Springs operations. 

WSJ Live’s “Lunch Break”: How Business Benefits From Clean Water Access

Lunch Break video interview

Nelson joins Shelby Holliday of the Wall Street Journal to discuss the need for protecting U.S. water sources as bottled water has surpassed soda for the first time.

CNN International: Interview with CNN Money’s Maggie Lake


Nelson sits down with Maggie Lake to discuss what water scarcity means for businesses.

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