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Nov 09, 2014

Poland Spring Tanker Driver Helps Douse House Fire

Poland Spring Tanker Helps Firemen

When five residents were alerted by their dog that their New Gloucester, Maine home was on fire early morning on Tuesday, November 4th, little did they know that a passerby would be credited with assisting to quickly contain the flames.

New Gloucester Fire & Rescue Captain Scott Doyle was first to arrive at 4:40am, immediately striking the second alarm, calling in backup from surrounding towns. Passing the home on his daily route, 20-year Poland Spring Tanker Driver veteran Scott Edwards saw an orange glow and black smoke billowing from the roof. Without hesitation Scott safely approached the area and secured his truck. After confirming the safety of all residents he offered the tanker’s contents to Captain Doyle; all 8,500 gallons of water to help distinguish the flames, even before the first engine arrived.

Scott was soon emptying the truck’s load into a into a 10- by 10-foot portable water reservoir fire companies use when shuttling water from tankers to hose companies. Deep in a rural area with limited access to water and an average engine holding only 3,000 gallons, the Poland Spring supply allowed crews to immediately start containing the flames.  

Our Poland Spring fleet employees and business partners take being a “good neighbor” very seriously. This is not the first time that the Poland Spring fleet has come to the community’s aid. In February, a third-party tanker driver supplied water to crews fighting a barn fire in Hollis, Maine. In April, the efforts of Poland Spring Tanker Driver Dean Ferris were lauded as saving a man’s life. Dean successfully held back a homeowner attempting to return inside the burning structure to retrieve the family dog. Within minutes, flames engulfed the entire home.  

Good deeds are part of Scott’s character. He recently participated in Maine’s Trucking 4 Kids Convoy, which raised over $10,000 for local children’s charities and causes. Additionally, Scott will drive the Poland Spring tractor trailer in Wreaths Across America, delivering wreaths from Maine to Washington D.C. to lay on military graves at Arlington National Cemetery in December.  Regarding his actions to donate the tanker’s water Scott said, “My instincts told me it was the right thing to do. I knew I had the companies support without asking. It feels great to lend a hand to our neighbors and those who risk their lives for others every day.”

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