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Jul 05, 2015

resource Introduces New Bottle Made From Recycled Plastic

resource 100% recycled plastic bottle

resource is one of the first premium natural spring water brands in the United States to offer a 100% rPET bottle.

resource 100% rPET bottle creates domestic demand for rPET through closed-loop recycling, or bottle-to-bottle recycling, continues the lifecycle of plastic—from bottle to recycled bottle to recycled bottle—reducing the need for new material.

“Bottle-to-bottle recycling is one of the most effective ways to reduce landfill waste, conserve natural resources and control the environmental impact of sourcing and creating new packaging,” said Leon Farahnik founder and chief executive officer of CarbonLITE Industries LLC, one of the largest producers of food-grade, post-consumer recycled PET in the world. “Currently less than one third of PET materials in the U.S. are recycled and brands such as resource, with their use of 100% rPET packaging, represent a pivotal shift in the beverage industry to improve recycling standards among corporations and consumers.”

See our recent blog post about the 100% recycled bottle to learn more.

*Excludes cap and label

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