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Feb 22, 2016

Water story of Henri Nestle| Nestlé Waters North America

Henri Nestlé 150 Years

Water has been an essential part of Nestlé's portfolio of trusted products since the very beginning dating back to 1843 when the company’s founder, Henri Nestle, purchased a business on Switzerland’s Monneresse Canal.  It is here where he began to manufacture and sell, still and carbonated water.  

This heritage is present today in the 52 water brands we own. Our Poland Spring brand story began in 1845 when summer visitors to the Maine resort that featured its name wanted to return home with spring water.  Our Deer Park brand was founded in 1873 from springs in the mountains of western Maryland. Deer Park was a haven for Washington - types, including President Taft who honeymooned there and reportedly  "took the waters.” Arrowhead Brand Mountain Spring Water Mountain Spring water has been providing refreshment since 1984.

As Nestlé’ celebrates 150 years this year, the company remains true to its roots of providing healthy, accessible and delicious refreshment.

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