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Nestlé Waters NA Statement on U.S. Forest Service Permit Process

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Apr 13, 2016

Nestlé Waters North America is pleased that the United States Forest Service’s permit renewal process is moving forward. The public comment period is an important part of this process and we support Californians having their voices heard.  

Arrowhead® Brand Mountain Spring Water has been managed for long-term sustainability for more than 121 years.  We are committed to the continued use of effective, science-based management tools to ensure the water and forest are monitored in an environmentally responsible way. California is headquarters to Nestlé USA and home to more than 7,000 Nestlé employees. We take seriously our responsibility as a water steward in California and only source water that naturally flows to the surface at the Arrowhead Springs. This helps to ensure the water we source is never more than what is naturally available. We have a team of hydrologists, biologists and geologists who consistently monitor all of our springs and diversify among different spring source locations to support long-term sustainability and healthy habitats. 

We look forward to working with the Forest Service to move the permit process forward. As the USFS has noted, the Special Use Permit for NWNA’s four-inch pipeline remains in effect until the reissuance of the permit.


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