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Nestlé Waters North America Launches “Born Better” Marketing Campaign To Help Consumers Learn About What Makes Nestlé Waters’ Regional Spring Water Brands So Unique

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Nov 09, 2009

Greenwich, CT (November 10, 2009) – Nestlé Waters North America’s regional spring water brands division is launching an integrated marketing campaign called “Born Better™.” The campaign shows people the small fraction of the Earth’s water that is unique enough to become one of the six regional brands for Nestle Waters’ family of 100% natural spring waters. The TV commercial celebrates where this unique water comes from, taking viewers on a journey to demonstrate how water that travels beneath the Earth where the water is naturally filtered, collects a distinct blend of minerals, and emerges as 100% natural spring water.

“Only one-billionth of one percent (of the water on Earth) is filtered naturally beneath the earth… with a distinct balance of minerals… and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called Poland Spring,” the TV spot’s narrator says. This selective process yields Nestlé Waters’ regional spring brands’ quality, great tasting, 100% natural spring water. The commercial, which debuted on November 2, 2009, concludes by showing footage of one of Poland Spring’s spring sources in Maine.

The campaign, which will include TV, online, print and radio, reinforces that all of the Nestlé Waters’ regional 100% natural spring water brands -- Arrowhead®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Ozarka®, Poland Spring® and Zephyrhills® -- have special origins, are naturally filtered beneath the earth, contain a distinct blend of natural minerals that impart a unique taste and are of high quality. The campaign rolls out to Arrowhead and Deer Park markets on November 9, 2009 and extends across the remaining brands’ markets in 2010.

To select its spring sources, Nestlé Waters’ natural resource managers, trained hydrologists, geologists and engineers analyze the spring, the surrounding land, soil, wildlife, as well as the water’s chemistry and how the water is replenished. Each source is managed and monitored for long-term quality and viability to help ensure the sources remain stable and abundant and the environment is sustainable. We preserve more than 14,000 acres around our U.S. spring sources, protecting the water’s quality, local watersheds, habitats and nature’s open spaces. It’s good for our 100% natural spring water and the environment.

“Our natural spring water is special. It’s a gift from nature. We work really hard to find it, and really hard to manage it,” says Tom Brennan, one of eleven natural resource managers for Nestlé Waters North America. “We’re proud to help bring it to the public to drink.”

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