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Nestlé Waters North America Supports First Lady’s Initiative for Healthier Lifestyles

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Feb 11, 2010

Bottled Water Offers a No-Calorie No-Sugar Option

Greenwich, Conn. (February, 12 2010)Nestlé Waters North America applauds First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative for healthier children and families, including informed lifestyle and diet choices. The company believes bottled water can play an important role in that education process.

Nestlé Waters produces bottled water brands including Poland Spring® Natural Spring Water, Deer Park® Natural Spring Water, Arrowhead® Mountain Spring Water and Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water. Bottled water is unique among packaged beverages in offering consumers a well-recognized calorie-free and sugar-free option.

Nestlé Waters is supporting a voluntary initiative of the American Beverage Association (ABA) by which members will provide more visible calorie information on their products and on their vending machines and fountain machines carrying those products.

“Nestlé Waters is pleased to support this initiative, helping to further Mrs. Obama’s goals for healthy American families. Bottled water is one way people can reduce their caloric intake from beverages. And because it’s a convenient beverage that’s easy to find no matter where you go, bottled water helps people make healthy choices,” said Kim Jeffery, president and CEO of Nestlé Waters North America.

Considering that 70 percent of what people drink comes in a bottle or a can, it is appropriate for people of all ages to be mindful of the calories in what they drink. Bottled water sales have grown significantly in the past 20 years, due largely to the ability to deliver refreshing, naturally calorie-free water in a convenient package. Today, bottled water represents about 15 percent of what people drink.

Nestlé Waters North America leads the bottled water industry in providing information to consumers. The company identifies water sources on its bottle labels and/or online and has produced publicly available quality reports for all of its brands since 2005. Members of the public can access these via phone or Web site, both of which are listed on product labels. The company also supports a federal standard for all bottled water companies to transparently communicate the source, type, and quality information of their water.

About Nestlé Waters North America
Central to the leadership of Nestlé Waters North America Inc. is its 34-year history and single-focus on producing bottled water products. The company’s dedication to product quality, manufacturing expertise, efficient production, employee development and environmental stewardship, especially in the areas of water use, energy and packaging, has helped Nestlé Waters become the number one bottled water company in the U.S. To reach success, the company follows its credo: Respect for each other, respect for the environment, and respect for the community. To learn more, visit

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