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Nestlé Waters North America Inc. Joins Global Campaign to Fight Climate Change with the Climate Group - June 5, 2008

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Jun 04, 2008

Nestlé Waters North America Inc. Joins Global Campaign to Fight Climate Change with the Climate Group

Launch of “Together” Campaign Expands Nestlé Waters’ Commitment in Lightening its Environmental Footprint

Greenwich, Conn. – June 5, 2008 -- Nestlé Waters North America has joined environmental leaders, non-profit organizations and leading brands in Times Square to launch “Together,” the largest-ever consumer engagement campaign on climate change.

Together is the consumer campaign by The Climate Group, a global, independent non-profit organization dedicated to building public-private partnerships to find solutions to climate change. Nestlé Waters is the only bottled water company partner in the campaign.

“Bottled water uses less plastic—and water—to produce than any other packaged beverage, and Nestlé Waters North America is happy to collaborate with The Climate Group and members of the Together campaign to help us address climate change and improve our sustainability,” said Kim Jeffery, President and CEO of Nestlé Waters North America Inc.

“After mapping our carbon footprint, we recognized that one of the most effective ways to reduce emissions was using less plastic, and we designed our Eco-Shape™ bottle to use less plastic than any other half-liter beverage bottle on store shelves. That alone has reduced the company's carbon emissions by eight percent,” continued Jeffery.

Nestlé Waters’ partnership with The Climate Group focuses on three main areas:

  • To educate and motivate consumers to help fight climate change through tangible activities such as recycling
  • To talk to consumers about how the brand is lightening its footprint through innovations such as the Eco Shape™ bottle
  • To work in collaboration with The Climate Group to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, Nestlé Waters will collaborate with The Climate Group to announce new plans for additional carbon mitigation initiatives.

For more information about the Together campaign, please visit

About Nestlé Waters North America

Nestlé Waters North America Inc. is the number one bottled water company in the U.S. Its family of 15 well-known brands includes Poland Spring® Brand Natural Spring Water, the leading bottled spring water brand in America. Consumers around the U.S. enjoy other popular regional brands such as Arrowhead®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Ozarka® and Zephyrhills®. Nestlé Waters North America also imports globally recognized bottled water brands such as Perrier® and S. Pellegrino®. The company is related to Nestlé Waters, based in Paris, the bottled water division of the Swiss company, Nestlé, S.A.

About Nestlé Waters North America Sustainability Commitment:

Nestlé Waters North America spring water brands come from carefully selected spring sources that are honored for their great-tasting water. These brands have a long history of sustainability. They are dedicated to creating beverages that are good for consumers, and they are committed to moving toward a lighter environmental footprint, from source to bottle.

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