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Nestlé Waters North America Statement Regarding Amicus Brief in Center for Biological Diversity, et al. v. United States Forest Service

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Jun 24, 2016

Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) today filed a supplemental amicus (“friend of the court”) brief in the Center for Biological Diversity, et al. v. United States Forest Service et al. case.
While NWNA is not a party to the lawsuit, it believes the federal court would benefit from having the facts and information about NWNA’s efforts to comply with all regulations pertaining to our permit renewal application prior to making a decision. This information is set forth in the short, supplemental brief. NWNA previously filed an amicus brief in the matter on May 6, 2016.  Both documents are now available on NWNA’s website:

NWNA empathizes with the burden the USFS faces in processing the thousands of permit renewal applications submitted to them without adequate resources. Unfortunately, as a result of this situation, NWNA finds itself facing an uncertain business impact either due to a long-delayed non-renewal or conditions that otherwise may be imposed as a result of this legal action. This uncertainty, and the resulting misperceptions regarding our efforts to renew the permit, have potentially put certain aspects of our business operations in California at risk. In fact, the Court expressed frustration with the delay and its impact, and we understand this frustration.
We appreciate the USFS moving forward with the permit renewal process, which it reinitiated earlier this year. NWNA remains committed to working collaboratively with the USFS as we have over the years, to efficiently and expeditiously finalize the renewal of our permit. NWNA shares the frustration in the substantial delays in issuing the renewal of the Special Use Permit (SUP). NWNA supports a definitive path toward the renewal of the SUP and believes that a firm timetable that gives scientists a sufficient amount of time to complete a science-based renewal process is in the public interest
California is headquarters to Nestlé USA and home to more than 7,000 Nestlé employees. Like all Californians, the company cares deeply about the effects this drought is having on families and communities, and it is focused on sustainable water management. The company’s progress in conserving water across its facilities in California along with numerous community-based initiatives demonstrate NWNA’s continued commitment to California.

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