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Nestlé Waters North America Statement on Concord, MA Bottled Water Ban

On January 1, 2013, a law passed by the town of Concord, Mass. to ban the sale of “single serve” bottled water went into effect, outlawing the sale of non-carbonated water in plastic bottles of one liter and less in volume.

Nestlé Waters North America respects Concord's democratic process. As an advocate for water—in all its forms—Nestlé Waters is one of many members of the Northeast and International Bottled Water Associations supporting the Concord-based coalition of residents and merchants, who believe that bottled water should be available for sale alongside all packaged drinks.

The coalition rightly believes that denying the choice of water—a healthy, calorie-free beverage—will likely lead to the unintended consequences of increasing calories from other packaged beverages that also carry a heavier environmental footprint than bottled water.  But the implications go beyond denying a healthy beverage.  When considering the critical role of bottled water in emergencies, this by-law could also endanger the ability of residents to get a safe supply of water when tap water supplies are disrupted.  

Nestlé Waters is also very concerned that the Concord merchants who rely on bottled water sales will be hurt by this ban, because people who choose to continue purchasing bottled water will take their business out of town.

For all of these reasons, Nestlé Waters is standing with its customers and the coalition in Concord to revisit the bottled water ban at the April 2013 town meeting.