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Nestlé Waters North America Statement Regarding Sprouts Farmers Market

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Jul 07, 2016

At Nestlé Waters, we take seriously our responsibility as a good water and environmental steward and consider our role as a community partner a privilege. We are aware of the call for action at Sprouts Farmers Market locations urging the retailer to stop carrying Arrowhead® Mountain Brand Spring Water. We have assured Sprouts that our operations in the San Bernardino National Forest are both lawful and sustainable.  

Nestlé Waters' Arrowhead brand has been sourced from springs in Strawberry Canyon, in what is now the San Bernardino National Forest, for more than 120 years. In fact, our operations predate the creation of the San Bernardino National Forest. Our Natural Resource Managers, engineers and scientists regularly and consistently monitor our spring sources for long-term sustainability, and at the Arrowhead Springs we only bottle water that naturally flows to the surface which ensures that our water use is not more than is naturally sustainable.  

We believe that consumers should have choices and be able to select the products they believe are right for them and their families. We also share the public’s interest in ensuring the sustainability of its water resources and the health and resilience of the San Bernardino National Forest, especially during times of drought.  

We welcome and encourage open dialogue with the communities which we serve and with all other interested stakeholders.  More information about Nestlé Waters’ operations in California can be found here:


Jane Lazgin
Corporate Communications
Nestlé Water North America (203) 863-0240 
[email protected]


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