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Nestlé Waters North America Response to State Water Resources Control Board Letter

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Feb 09, 2018

February 9, 2018 

Following a thorough review of historical, scientific and legal evidence dating back more than a century, Nestlé Waters North America today provided its response to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) demonstrating that the company is not  making any unauthorized diversions from Strawberry Canyon—the site of Arrowhead Springs. In fact, Nestlé Waters currently takes less water annually than it has valid water rights for. A detailed and documented report shared with the SWRCB shows that Nestlé Waters has rights to collect at least 271 acre feet of surface water and groundwater in Strawberry Canyon each year. This amount exceeds our 2015 water use by 161 acre feet and our 2016 water use by 172 acre feet. 

These rights are documented in detail in our Preliminary Response to the SWRCB’s December report regarding water use in Strawberry Canyon. This includes information demonstrating that the staff at the SWRCB undercounted the amount of water historically appropriated by NWNA predecessors and as such undercounted the amount of pre-1914 water rights NWNA is entitled to now. Our Preliminary Response also details important legal information by the SWRCB staff which strongly delineates additional pre-1914 water rights for Nestlé Waters. 

 A copy of our Preliminary Response is available for download here.

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