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Poland Spring & Fryeburg Water Company Contract Agreement Statement

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May 18, 2016

Maine Law Court Upholds Public Utilities Commission’s Approval of Agreement with Fryeburg Water Company

Poland Spring appreciates the decision made by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court (known as the Law Court) to uphold the decision of the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to approve our proposed agreement with the Fryeburg Water Company (FWC).

We believe that the proposed contract is beneficial to all parties. Fryeburg Water Company retains the ability to curtail or suspend the sale of water to us if it decides that doing so is necessary to ensure compliance with its environment permits or to provide service to its other customers and provides greater financial stability to both FWC and the community, while granting Poland Spring a long term contract. 

Poland Spring will provide fixed lease payments and a fixed minimum payment obligation for the term of this contract. We will also continue to pay for water at the same rate charged to all other customers by FWC and approved by the MPUC.

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