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Statement by Nestlé Waters North America - Regarding the Miami-Dade County Radio Ads - October 14, 2008

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Oct 13, 2008

“Over the course of five weeks, the Miami-County Water and Sewer Department spent $100,000 of ratepayer money to run a series of false and misleading ads. These ads erroneously stated that Miami-Dade tap water is superior to bottled water. Based on publicly available testing data, that is clearly not the case and Nestlé Waters is working to set the record straight.

“False and deceptive advertising is never acceptable over the public airwaves. It is even more unacceptable when it is the public’s money being used to deceive consumers about the quality of a municipal water supply.

“In this case, Miami-Dade County used public money to attack a private industry that provides a healthy product, good jobs and tax revenue in Miami-Dade and throughout the United States and Canada. That is just plain wrong.”

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