Healthy Communities

We can help solve certain social and environmental issues by taking responsibility for our operations and by working with the communities where we live and work. Our spring water sources, areas surrounding our facilities, engaged community members, stakeholders, our consumers and our employees are all a part of the same community.

We take pride in the spring water sources we manage and maintain. To better understand the needs and concerns of our communities, we’ve rolled out community engagement processes. Learn more about our water sources.

Our Community Partnerships

As a means to connect with our communities, we are a part of a variety of partnerships across many of Nestlé Waters North America’s brands. Learn more about our healthy hydration and our sustainability partnerships.

Our Door is Always Open

We’ve also invited community members to tour our facilities and participate in our events so they can better understand the nature of our business, how we operate and our effect on the community. From the number of people we employ, to how we manage water sources, we want to operate with transparency. We’ve formalized this engagement by hosting regional open houses at some of our facilities.

Employee Giveback

Nestlé Waters North America has a rich tradition of supporting employee involvement in the community. We host an active volunteer program to link employee interests to the needs of the community. Volunteers can participate in company-sponsored events or can help build mutually beneficial relationships with local organizations. These employee-to-community interactions help us transparently show communities what we do and how we do it.

Helping the Youth Build Skills

A highlight of our 20-year community partnership with the Southern California Mountains Foundation (SCMF) is our work with the SCMF Urban Conservation Corps. It’s a workforce development program that helps young people build skills by participating in stewardship projects. This partnership was launched by our employee experts in natural resource management who saw a natural fit between the skills promoted by this program and the qualifications of the job. Nestlé Waters North America supports this program through our volunteers who serve as mentors and community partners across the country. 

Our Employees

Before we can support our communities, we must first support our own employees by being a good employer operating in an open and transparent manner with a positive work environment. Throughout our company we focus on the prevention of injury through our own problem identification system called “Leading Indicators.” This is a risk management approach, which helps to solve problems before they occur. We also conduct regular safety observations of employees and provide them with timely feedback to keep safety practices top of mind.

Staying Safe With OHSAS

Our factories are third-party certified to the OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) standard 18001:2007. Compliance with regulatory standards comprises the foundation of the OHSAS standard, along with proper incident investigation, determination of incident root cause and appropriate corrective actions to help prevent future recurrence.

Benefits and Compensation

We provide pay and benefits programs that are competitive within local employment standards and meet the needs of our workforce. This is especially important for many of the rural communities in which we operate. We’ve heard from our employees that our compensation and benefits are better than most other local employers and help to bolster local economic stability. We continue to regularly monitor and benchmark our pay and benefits programs to ensure this goal continues to be met.

Diversity and Inclusion

We place a high priority on building a formal diversity and inclusion strategy where all employees can feel they are valued and understand how their contributions impact our business goals. We believe in employment standards and practices of equal opportunity to help us achieve a diverse workforce that represents both our consumers and the communities where we work and live. 

Supporting Female Leadership

The Women’s Leadership Steering Committee was developed as a cross-functional group that brings women together to identify the barriers to gender equality in the workplace. This group acts as an important advisory group to senior leaders as we examine ways to promote the advancement of women to key positions within the organization and remove potential barriers to employment satisfaction and career growth.

Employee Engagement

Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE) is an internally led initiative that encourages employee participation in areas that directly affect all levels of the business. We choose to develop programs that support our employees and continue to gather feedback to assess engagement and identify areas for improvement. The NCE program is making an impact as employees at all levels feel empowered to contribute to make a difference.