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Our Fleet of Vehicles

delivery trucks 

To transport water to our factories and our products to customers and consumers across the country, Nestlé Waters North America operates a fleet of vehicles, spanning from tanker trucks to mid-size delivery trucks. We work with partners to provide additional transport capacity on roads and rails.

As a company, we take truck traffic management seriously and work to ensure the safety, courtesy, and professionalism of all drivers who transport water for Nestlé Waters North America. We set rigorous standards for all employee drivers and third-party carriers including compliance with local traffic laws, safe operations and respect for the communities where we operate.

Environmental stewardship is just one reason Nestlé Waters North America began adding more than 150 medium-duty beverage delivery trucks in 2014. Fueled by propane, the trucks will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 24.6 million pounds over their vehicle lifetimes (compared to standard vehicles).

Each delivery truck is equipped with a California Air Resources Board- and Environmental Protection Agency-compliant ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel system with a 45-gallon fuel tank.

Nestlé Waters North America propane trucks deliver products to customers across the country, including Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

We’re also using rail for delivery. In 2016, our Poland Spring brand shipped approximately 4,000 containers of bottled water via rail, reducing more than 500,000 road miles and significantly reducing carbon emissions.