Alliance for Water Stewardship


Launched in 2009, the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is a global partnership founded by organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Pacific Institute, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) dedicated to promoting the responsible use of freshwater. The international water stewardship system drives, recognizes, and rewards improved water stewardship performance through the AWS Standard and provides the first comprehensive global benchmark across social, environmental, and economic criteria. It also provides a voluntary framework for major water users to understand the effects of their water use and to work collaboratively and transparently for sustainable water management.

The AWS Standard is designed to achieve four water stewardship results:

  1. Good water governance
  2. Sustainable water balance
  3. Good water quality status
  4. Healthy status of important water-related areas

Our Global Commitment

Nestlé Waters is proud of our commitment to certify all sites to the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard by 2025. So far, Nestlé Waters has certified fifteen of its factories around the world, including all five of the Nestlé Waters North America factories in California.

Our facility located in Ontario, California was the first AWS-certified site of any kind in North America, while the Cabazon facility is the first facility in North America to achieve an AWS Gold certification. The AWS Gold certification means the Cabazon facility meets advanced-level criteria, including the site’s positive contribution to the local groundwater system, best practice of the site’s water balance, best practice of the site’s water quality, and implementation of a water education program, among others.

Adherence to this rigorous standard helps demonstrate our dedication to sustainable water management and will help us mitigate our water risks, address shared water challenges, and strengthen our reputation as a water user.