Sustainable Resource Management

We sustainably manage nearly 14,000 acres of natural watershed area around our 50 spring sites. At the sites, we carefully monitor water levels to ensure that they're being replenished. We strive to manage our spring water sources not just for today, but for generations to come.


How much water do we use?

If all the water in North America fit into a glass, the water used to make bottled water would be less than a drop. Selecting spring water sources is a careful, thorough process. We perform a variety of studies and strive to communicate openly with the communities in which we operate. Water resource management of our spring sources and preserving the watershed where they are located are important to us.

Water resource management

Impact of our bottled water operations

A 2009 Beverage LifeCycle Study shows that our half liter Eco-Shape® bottled water has the lightest environmental footprint per unit of product in the packaged beverage industry. We track key environmental factors throughout our product life cycle so that we can continue to reduce our impact.

Telling the EPR Story

We're working to get the Extended Producer Responsibility story told everywhere we can. It is the solution to improving recycling rates, which leads to:

  • Reducing energy and raw materials costs
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reducing the impact of bottled water and other packaged goods production
  • Creating more jobs

Read about the business case for EPR as a recycling solution.