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Business Principles

Nestlé’s Principles Are Our Principles

We are a part of Nestlé, which means we also hold Nestlé’s corporate business principles at the heart of our company. They reflect the basic ideas of fairness, honesty and a concern for individuals and society.

Download them here: Nestlé Corporate Business Principles (English - pdf, 2Mb).

Or find them in more than 50 languages.

Both at Nestlé, and here at Nestlé Waters North America, we create value for society.




Going Above and Beyond

Our internal rules also guide our actions.  At Nestlé Waters North America, we are guided by principles that apply across the whole company and provide clear guidance for all employees.

Adapting to Global Changes

While Nestlé’s corporate business principles are firmly established, they continue to be adapted for a changing world. For instance, all ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact were incorporated soon after their creation and Nestlé continues to implement them today.