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How can I be sure bottled water is safe?

Nestle Waters North America uses both municipal supplies and underground wells for its national brand, Nestlé® Pure Life®. The water goes through extra filtration processes, including reverse osmosis, which most public water suppliers can't afford or practically apply to a vast volume of water. The sealed bottle protects the water until you open it to drink. As a result, what you get with Nestlé Pure Life is not tap water, but purified drinking water as defined by the U.S. Pharmacopea and the U.S. FDA. The fact is that tap water and NWNA bottled waters are different. 

Federal regulations for bottled water are stronger than those for tap water when it comes to several key contaminants, including coliform and lead. In its plants, NWNA tests each bottling line more than 200 times every day; gallon for gallon, NWNA's water is tested over 60 times more frequently than most municipal water supplies. All NWNA labels, with the exception of three- and five-gallon products, include a toll-free phone number and website address to find quality testing results. Three- and five- gallon products provide a toll-free phone number on every cap. Online reports allow the company to convey information in a clear, thorough manner that a small label cannot.