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How do I contact consumer services?

Via telephone: We have a consumer services team for each of our bottled water and tea products. Please find the telephone number for your brand below. If you'd like to contact our corporate office please see information in Contact Us.

Via email: You can send an email to the brand of your choosing by using the email address listed below. Your e-mail will be forwarded to your local consumer services team who will try to answer within 48 hours. You can also find all consumer service contact details on the labels of all our products.

Brand Phone#'s Email
Acqua Panna 1-877-207-5982 Acqua Panna
Arrowhead 1-800-873-7775 Arrowhead
Deer Park 1-800-288-8281 Deer Park
Ice Mountain 1-800-678-4423 Ice Mountain
Nestea 1-866-467-8838 Nestea
Nestlé Pure Life 1-866-599-8980 Nestlé Pure Life
Ozarka 1-800-678-4448 Ozarka
Perrier 1-800-937-2002 Perrier
Poland Spring 1-800-477-7464 Poland Spring
Resource 1-877-360-7407 Resource
San Pellegrino 1-800-255-8334 San Pellegrino
Sweet Leaf Tea 1-877-832-5323 Sweet Leaf Tea
Tradewinds 1-855-374-6589 Tradewinds
Zephyrhills 1-800-695-4446 Zephyrhills