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Nestlé’s reaction to Story of Stuff’s claims about water use

What is Nestlé’s reaction to Story of Stuff’s claims about your water use?

Nestlé Waters takes water management very seriously and our Natural Resource Managers regularly and consistently monitor our spring sources for long term sustainability. Nestlé Waters' Arrowhead brand has been sourced from springs in Strawberry Canyon for over 100 years. Our continuous operation over that timeframe shows our long track record of sustainably managing water resources in the area.

Nestlé Waters complies with all reporting requirements and continues to report its water use from this spring to the State Water Resources Control Board, which was 25 million gallons in 2014. Nestlé Waters has a senior water right to the Arrowhead Springs that is established under California law. This senior water right has been used continuously since the late 1800s and pre-dates the creation of the San Bernardino National Forest.