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What are the health advantages of drinking bottled water?

Bottled water provides people with a portable, convenient, sanitary way to drink great tasting water on the go and gives them a calorie-free choice for their active, healthy lifestyles. Research shows if bottled water weren't an option, 63 percent of people who drink it say they'd instead choose soda or another sugary drink. Only 16% surveyed said they'd turn to tap. Faced with epidemic obesity rates, Americans have increasingly chosen to forego sugared drinks, like sodas, turning instead to water for healthy hydration at home and on-the-go. Between 2000 and 2011, bottled water consumption increased by 75% – or 12.5 gallons per person – in the United States, while consumption of carbonated soft drinks dropped by nearly 18%, or 9.5 gallons per person.

Nestlé Waters North America's goal is to educate and encourage citizens to reduce their average annual caloric intake from beverages. The company offers a variety of products for Americans to stay hydrated without calories, sugar or artificial sweeteners or colors. In 2010, the Nestlé Pure Life brand unveiled the Nestlé Pure Life Pledge which aimed to eliminate 1 billion calories from American families' diets. True to Nestlé Pure Life's brand mission—"to make a commitment to a healthier life for every family"— the pledge encouraged consumers to replace one 12-ounce sugared beverage daily with water. So far, more than 110,000 families have participated.

Advocating for water as essential to human and environmental health is one of NWNA's primary goals. To learn more about how Nestlé Waters is promoting healthy hydration, see the company's latest corporate citizenship report.

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