Beverage Consumption and Sales

Watching What People Are Drinking

Bottled water captured people’s attention in the late 1970s with PERRIER® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water offering a refreshing, portable, calorie-free beverage as part of a healthy lifestyle. Since then, the number of health-conscious Americans who choose water as healthy hydration has increased. We’re working to make water as healthy hydration an easy choice by offering bottled water in a wide variety of sizes, anywhere people would purchase a beverage.  Many people are changing their beverage habits. These charts illustrate some of the dramatic trends in beverage consumption and sales.

U.S. Beverage Consumption from 1965-1990


Since the early 1970s, consumption of soda has grown, while tap water consumption has declined. In 1986, soda passed tap water as the most chosen beverage in the U.S.

Consumer Beverage Consumption from 1990-Present


Annual Per Capita Beverage Consumption


Bottled water consumption rose in 2014 while consumption for these other beverage categories experienced slight growth or decline during 2014.

Source: Beverage Marketing Corporation 2014.

Annual Beverage Volume Sales


In 2014, bottled water showed significant growth compared to the other beverages that experienced slight growth or decline in volume during 2014.

Source: Beverage Marketing Corporation 2014. 

Nestlé Waters North America Share of Category

Our brands are top performers for a reason. Our significant investments in people, facilities and technology have enabled sophisticated quality control, care of spring water sources and packaging in a wide variety of types and sizes to meet consumer needs.

Nestlé Waters North America's strength in bottled water is reflected in our share by volume of the branded bottled water category at 30.2% by volume.