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Our History

Bottled Water Brands in the Nestlé Waters North America Family

Many of our 11 bottled water brands have been proudly serving consumers for more than 100 years. These brands are steeped in a heritage of quality water, trust, refreshing taste and sustainability. All our brands have a story to tell.

Perrier Sparkling Water

PERRIER® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water Begins Bottled Water Trend

Legend has it, the history of PERRIER goes all the way back to Hannibal crossing the Alps. It’s believed that his troops prized the mineral spring’s water for its clean refreshment, crisp taste and replenishing flavor. Many years later, we found those same qualities were worth sharing with North America — so we founded our company in 1976 to do just that. We started marketing PERRIER® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in North America, and its popularity skyrocketed. Rooted in the portability of bottled water, a culture of healthy lifestyles and exercise began. 

Poland Spring

Adding Regional Spring Water Brands

In 1980, we continued our goal to spread the good word of water as healthy hydration by seeking high-quality brand name spring waters with regional followings and a rich heritage. These brands source their water from natural springs and sell it in exclusively in certain regions. They have established and maintained trust with the local communities in which they have served since the beginning. The first domestic bottled water brand we added to our portfolio was POLAND SPRING® Brand Natural Spring Water, first bottled in Maine in 1845.

Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water

Spanning the States

By 1987, we’d added other regional brand spring waters to our line up: ARROWHEAD® Brand Mountain Spring Water, which today comes from mountain sources in the U.S. and Canada;  ZEPHYRHILLS® Brand Natural Spring Water, which is sourced from Florida spring sources naturally filtered through limestone; and OZARKA® Brand Natural Spring Water which draws its distinct flavor from several Texas natural springs. For each brand, we looked for quality waters with a unique heritage and a distinct flavor. 

Today, we have a rich selection of regional, national and imported bottled water brands, each with its own distinctive character, sources and heritage.

Nestle Waters Paris Nestle S.A.]

Part of a Bigger Picture

Nestlé Waters North America is an affiliate of Paris-based Nestlé Waters, the world's largest bottled water company. Nestlé Waters serves customers in 130 countries, with 52 well-known bottled water brands and is, in turn, a subsidiary of the world's largest food company, Nestlé, S.A, based in Vevey, Switzerland. 

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